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In life there are moments when stars align, you just kind of hover in bliss and perfection. Your soul is vibrating or something like that. We want to freeze time, though it has to pass. We can touch it, smell it, feel it and then then it trickles away. Though the daily practices of a spiritual path, I am learning, help to keep these moments from slipping away entirely. I recently finished an incredible retreat, a spiritual spectrum from pandemonium to purity all bundled into a week. Though I was there, not in the mixes of daily life and as things came to close I readied, and braced for the dilution of the euphoria. The impermanence, and knowing how bad things can be or have been make turning back to your life intimidating. Though all the things within us, that bring about the treasure of true experience, are not going anywhere. I’m of the mind the more we stock up on these experiences the more they spill over into the rest of our existence. You can reverberate cheer in alarming levels, if you get enough of the juice and find ways to feed it.

These pivotal points in our lives can be so many things. Maybe a sunny day in your favorite park, or a REALLY neat book with a bubble bath. Maybe it is the morning you wake up to the first rays of sun on your cheeks after a night of sleeping under the stars. The point is you can take that moment along back to your life in the city, or to your workweek. We have a bank of sorts, a spiritual kind of bank, that the tingly moments go to rest. We find the points in time, we chase the feelings and store them away like fuel for later. Along my way so far I’ve been chasing feelings, and it has worked decently well. Though I didn’t know how to extract from my reserves in the belly crawling, desolate spaces that always caught up with me. I would reach out somewhere new and just muscle my way to the surface. I got stronger this way, but I’m in the market for an easier method. I have heard the drone of daily practice enough times that I mistakingly had tuned it out. In part because I can’t seem to stick with anything for very long, and my life is far too unpredictable. Though I knew I needed to do something, anything different to hold the bliss closer after this last retreat… So I was laying in my berth the other morning, eyes still closed and slipping out of dream time, when I sweet little thought came to visit. ‘I should try to do a morning prayer!’ In hopes that the first conscious thought is buoyant positive.  Years ago prayer was like a pinprick to my ego, the word dripped with dogma and judgement. The eyes half closed kind of thing where someone says what to think, to who or what, I didn’t get it. Then I learned about a more visceral, earth based approach to prayer. Tying up your hopes and dreams in a string of words and casting them into the wind, or filling the smoke of the fire with good intentions, and gratitude. It might be smoking tobacco, with intention. Letting smoke be a messenger. It swirls through your lungs and passes out through your lips, collecting prayers for the Spirits. Prayer came alive at some point in a way that made more sense to me. This is my first time bringing prayer into a daily practice, and it came together that morning and I’ve been reciting it ever since.


Great Mystery,

Bless this day

Help me to walk with the wisdom of your teachings,

May my body be but a conduit for divine grace, truth and wilderness.

May I continue to unfold the creative masterpiece of my existence.

May all souls be wild and Free.


-Holy solar plexus

I felt compelled to share, so here it is. This little ritual has been short and sweet but rich with meaning for me.  I think that it is keeping me just a little closer to Spirit.