To be In Spirit is to be inspired. To be awakened to the inherent possibility of your life.

I finally left my job. I was making food for the students at a naturopathic medicine school. I have been gainfully employed (to my standards) the past 20 months, a still and steady and fruitful time. Though things have run their course, and I feel strong enough to fight for the life I am intended to have, with improved cooking skills. This last week of work things started moving again. The mixing pot of life opportunities caught wind I was asking for a helping, and that I had made ample space for something.

These past few seasons I have changed my course on a nearly weekly basis. Onlookers have forced smiles as I ramble off the newest plan, strung along by justifications as to why this is the thing. I decided it was time to just give my notice at work, I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do and that felt the best. I had no shortage of ideas, though no commitments either. Sometimes you have to just prepare to fall to be caught by something, because when you are still in the mix of what you are leaving you cannot fully see what is waiting for you. Turns out working on a 72′ schooner doing private charters was waiting for me on the other side of a job my heart had already left. Thank you Great Mysteries, I owe you for this one.

Just follow your highest excitement and try to remain unattached… you may bump into greatness, and will surely find happiness.