Disclaimer: I wrote this two years ago. Feels like it is lifetimes away, but it made my heart swell remembering. I have been still for nearly two years, though now the horizons are akin to this mentality again. Lots more to come.


When I first left home I imagined the years to come in little segments. A month here, three there, and so on. Each segment a separate adventure, in a new space, new town, new people. The life of a traveler is like that, you bounce, and hop around the globe. Allotting time to experience a place, without rooting into it. To make genuine connections that evaporate without attachment. Constantly shifting and adjusting as days unfold. When I left home I wasn’t sure where I would end up, but my fear was that I would have to come back home before I was ready..and then have to refit my beat to the city, and to the work week and a responsible schedule. I wanted to figure out how to not have to come back. Of course I will visit and see family and friends, but my highest reach was to find a sustainability in the life I want to live.

So I am working on my dive master so I can work as I travel. Learning how to sail so I can get where I need to go. Learning to fish and forage in the tropics so I can eat! Learning how to take care of myself is a constant journey. Mental and physical care taking. Making sure I have time to surf, is as important as making sure I eat breakfast in the morning, and keeping music in my life is like keeping gas in my car. Just living life, and learning what makes me move in my best way. Simple and beautiful. The road I am on is one of self care. Where I find some consistence in feeding the pieces of me that bring life, to this life.