Something about backflips, I just love them. You step up to a ledge, look down through your feet, and just let go. Each time I scare myself a little, then just breath through it and jump. Haley took this picture of me jumping off in Salt River. We did a little trip on a boat called Kindred Spirit, a 50 ft Catamaran. We cruised around St Croix, then anchored down for the night in Salt River. I’ve been boat bouncing lately. After housesitting I’ve been sort of boat sitting Quetzel a 35 ft Morgan, with an icebox, but no head (toilet), lots of wonderful books, and a nice cooking space. I basically had to just jump in the ocean to use the loo, which isn’t so bad when the suns shining. Now I’m moved back and sleeping on Mystic..but cooking on Quetzel. Complicated I know. In other news, we are in the throws of storm season now, and hearing about each system coming off the horn of Africa, and just waiting to see what the water gods have in store. A tropical depression, called Gabrielle brought us loads of rain and a light show the past few nights. It is warm and dry inside the boat and I love sitting through the storms out there as the ocean rocks me into dreamland. When it’s not storming to intensely I’ve been diving, and surfing.