Eating the food that is grown seasonally where you are living syncs you in with your surrounding environment. Not only does it keep you grounded with the seasons, but the food that grows where you live knows what you need to live in that environment, and in that season. For example some fruits and vegetables will cleanse, while others build..and so on. Nature’s intelligent design knows what your body wants. So..perhaps the medicine you need is in the food and plants around you. By a stroke of luck, or a combination of perseverance and timing I am in the tropics. Instead of foraging for razor clams, seaweed and nettles I am eating passion fruits, coconuts, mangoes and now AVOCADOS! The island is bumping with forbidden fruits. If you can’t find it in on a walk in the rainforest, then homeboy on the roadside has you covered. Foraging a satisfying meal this time of year is easy peas. Not to mention it’s a blast bushwhacking. Loads of gratitude to be able to eat a local coconut mango smoothie..throw a sploosh of cruzan rum in there. Hey, it’s still local.