Here i am. Birthdays are a funny thing. My dad just had a birthday while he was visiting family in Iran, and when I asked him how it was he said everyone forgot about it, including him. Birthdays just aren’t a big deal there. How did Americans evolve to place such an emphasis on the ‘birthday.’ It feels like a tickmark, a notch in the belt of a lifetime, and a personal one at that. After a while your more and more reluctant to whittle the notch, and less inclined to bring it up. Though the 6-12 year olds I’ve been around recently hold birthdays in the highest regard. I recently overheard an emotional breakdown about expected low attendance to a birthday party, come to find out the party wasn’t happening until next November… So tomorrow the annual awkwardness. Part of me is always like ‘what will happen, what surprises await…’ and then my realistic angel is like ‘what do you want to should probably move on that or nothings going to come of it.’ So I’m inviting all 5 people I know on the island, to have an evening at the Pirates Tavern. The one bar in Salt River Marina, and only a dinghy ride from the boat. It may be a blow out good time, but if it is a mellow 3 folks and a round of beers, at least I’m close to home. Birthdays give us space to be reverent of time behind and ahead at the same time. A time to sit on a precipice, to celebrate and take time. Maybe even sit in two places at once on this border of sorts. Looking ahead this year I plan to learn to sail, make sure I love it..and then work to the ways and the means for it to take me round the world. I hope to play more music this year, read more, write more and be more..present. To all of it.